My name is Trevor Pan and I created FATSTICK while attending the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

In addition to being a registered architect, I have built buildings, pergolas, furniture and more. This website aims to help people improve their yards and interiors for a more artful life.

If you are interested in doing an architectural project you may visit my firm’s website.


Trevor Pan—Architect 2017
Trevor Pan—Architect 2017


About the name:

The FATSTICK brand name was created by Trevor Pan’s brother. He came to visit while 3 Desert Way was being built.

Laying on the table in the workshop were 64 window muntins and he said, “hey, look at those fat sticks.”

It was a funny sight to see and Trevor remarked, “that’d be a great brand name for a furniture company!”

You may see the fat sticks at the link above—they are the horizontal pieces separating the many tiny panes of glass in the corner windows.