16 ft. x 24 ft. Garage Plans


Stock plans for a 16 ft. x 24 ft. single car garage. We will modify the plans to suit your site if requested. 5 business day turnaround.




FATSTICK will answer questions on the plans to ensure you receive a building permit. If a building department requires a land survey or geotechnical report we do not cover those costs. Please be sure that you are legally able to build a freestanding garage on your property. 
Setbacks, easements and zoning can prevent you from building a freestanding garage. Please be sure to contact your building department before buying the plans. We are not responsible if you do not check this beforehand and are legally unable to secure the permit.
Structural, electrical engineering  & architectural comments will be addressed.
If you are legally allowed to build on your property, we will guarantee you a building permit. The founder of FATSTICK is a registered architect in Arizona, Director at CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) Phoenix Chapter and also works with a structural engineering firm licensed in all 50 states.

About the plans:

These plans are designed to meet the International Residential Code 2012-2015. Some jurisdictions may have additional requirements. We will accommodate those.
The plans include (but not all are shown in the images above—about (10-12) 24″ x 36″ sheets total in the set): 
  • foundation plans
  • framing plans
  • truss diagrams
  • nailing schedules
  • architectural plans
  • roof plans
  • door details
  • window details
  • specifications covering: concrete, steel, wood, stucco, gypsum board, asphalt shingle
  • we will make siding, roofing specifications updates if requested (meaning, you want spanish tile or metal siding, etc.) 
  • electrical plan
Our specifications will allow you to tie down a contractor to a level of service. Without this type of specification, a contractor can do anything they want. The plans you’ll get on plan sites are so basic they don’t protect you.
  • stock plans you buy on a plans site say “concrete slab”. Is is it 3,000lb concrete? 2,500lb? anything they mix on the property-a bag of cement, sand and some gravel?
  • will they use 15lb felt on the roof? or 30lb?
  • does the stucco have two layers of 15lb felt, or none at all?
  • are the walls insulated? with R-11, R-13, R-19 or nothing?
These gotchas will get you and drastically reduce the quality of your garage.
The founder of FATSTICK wants you to succeed and is here to help you get the best garage possible. 
Customising the plans:
You have a few choices: 
  • After emailing your address and we will include it, applicable code years, and any jurisdictional requirements your local building department requires. This means we will call your building department to ensure the plans you submit are proper.
  • Would you like a small patio slab, like shown above? 
  • Want the door on the other side?
We can accommodate small requests like this.
It’s up to you. We are at your service.
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