FATSTICK Pergola Plans and Parts List


  • Complete construction details
  • Complete Home Depot parts list
  • Just hand the parts list to the Home Depot ProDesk for delivery to your home
  • DIY pergola plans
  • Download your pergola plans and parts list pdf


Have you always wanted a pergola but have no idea how to put one together? Other people felt the same way; they purchased the plans in the following cities: Goodyear, AZ; Tempe, AZ; Surprise, AZ; Lincoln, NE; Apple Valley, CA.

Build a better outdoor life.  I’m a registered architect and have ensured all parts needed to complete your pergola are included—10 ft x 16 ft.

You can take The Home Depot parts list to their pro desk for ordering.  And…if you wish, after ordering, have them conveniently deliver the materials to your door step.

Build it yourself. Save. Be proud of your work.


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